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Yazılı 7. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 1. Yazılı

Bu sayfada 7. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 1. Yazılı Soruları ve 7. Sınıf Seçmeli İngilizce 2. Dönem 1. Yazılı Sorularını bulabilirsiniz. Sitemizdeki bütün yazılılar, özenle seçilerek eklenmiş veya hazırlanmıştır. 

2020-2021 yılı 7. Sınıf İngilizce Yazılılarını (güncel konularla ilgili yeni yazılılar) aşağıdaki linki tıklayarak indirebilirsiniz.



2020-2021 7. Sınıf İngilizce Yazılı Sorularını güncel haliyle aşağıdaki linklerden indirebilirsiniz.


2020-2021 eğitim öğretim yılı İngilizce yazılı soruları için yukarıdaki bağlantıya tıklayabilirsiniz. Geçmiş dönem yazılıları ise aşağıdaki bağlantılardan indirip çalışabilirsiniz.


           Name&Surname:                                        Number:                                Class:


A. Write the words under the correct Picture.(kelimeleri doğru resmin altına yazınız)(5x2:10p)


B.Fill in the blanks with appropriate word. (Boşlukları uygun kelimelerle doldurunuz.)(5x1:5p)


1.Today  is my brother’s birthday. I should buy a ________________________ for him.

2.I don’t believe ___________________________ because it is nonsense.

3. I prefer watching documentaries because I think they are __________________________.

4. My father is a ________________________. He always watches TV all day.

5.I don’t like watching soap operas because I think they are _________________________.


C. Choose the correct answer (6x2:12p)

 1) Is there  some / any water in the glass?          2) There are a few/ a little  students in class. 

 3) I have got  many / a little  money                      4) Would you like to drink  some / any tea?     

 5) There aren’t  much / many books here           6) There is  an / a lot of oil in the bottle


D) Fill in the blanks with ‘‘How much’’ or ‘‘How many’’ (4x2:8p)

     1)…………….. days are there in a week?         2) ……………….. money have you got?

     3)…………….. cheese do you eat in a day?     4)……………..…. girls are there at school?


E. Match the questions and answers. (Sorularla cevapları eşleştiriniz)(5x2:10p)

1.Where do you live?                                                          ….   A)Mark

2.Who has got a fancy dress party?                                             ….   B)Pumpkin, candies, candles

3.What do you need for a Halloween party?                   …..  C)Because I was ill

4.What time does Survivor start?                                     …..  D)in Amasya

5.Why weren’t you at school yesterday?                         …… E)at 8. P.m


F. Write the words under the correct Picture.(kelimeleri doğru resmin altına yazınız)(5x1:10p)


G.Fill in the blanks with appropriate word. (Boşlukları uygun kelimelerle doldurunuz.)(5x2:10p)


_______________________ room              ____________________cake                    _________________________beverages

__________________invitation cards              ____________________________permission from parents




H. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word. (Boşlukları uygun kelimelerle doldurunuz.)(10p)

1.__________________________ giving a surprise party?

2.__________________________ we arrange the music?

3.We_________________ write invitation cards.

4.________________________ prepare a lot of food.

5._________________________ to join my pyjamas party?





I.Put the words in correct box. (Kelimeleri doğru kutucuğa yerleştiriniz)(6x2:12p)



  GOOD  LUCK         




a)Breaking mirror

b)Walking under a ladder

c)Finding a four leaf clover

d)Seeing a black cat

e)Hanging a horseshoe over a door

f)Opening an umbrella indoors   




   BAD  LUCK           









İ. Write True or False (4x2:8p)

Hi,I’m Bill.In my town there are lots of superstitions.I don’t believe them.Many people in my town are superstitious.For example,they think broken mirror brings bad luck.A horseshoe brings bad luck.Number 13 means bad luck.Opening an umbrella indoors brings bad luck.Cutting nails at night also brings bad luck.Some people believe white rabbit and four-leaf clover bring good luck.

     1. If you break a mirror,it brings good luck.  ………     3. Many people in Bill’s town are superstitious. ………

     2. Bill is superstitious.  …………………                    4. Number 13 brings bad luck.    ……………………




 J.Match the sentences. (1x5:5 p)

......... 1) We haven’t got any food in the fridge.                     A) I’ll help her.

......... 2) I’m too tired.                                                    B) I’ll go swimming with my friends.

......... 3) It is too hot today.                                           C) I’ll sleep early today.

......... 4) It isn’t late.                                                         D) I’ll go to the supermarket.

......... 5) My mother has a lot of things to do.             E) I won’t get a taxi. I’ll walk.




                                                                                       -Good Luck  -








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